Next generation skill game platform

Better than sportsbetting or fantasy sports, challenging your friends and becoming the YouTube for live game shows.

What is QuizBeat?

Many skill games such as chess have a too high skill gap to be played for real money against each other and only very few skill games such as poker or Daily Fantasy Sports succeeded and became big billion dollar industries. QuizBeat creates a new category of innovative peer-to-peer real money skill games which don´t exist yet on the market.

Product USPs

QuizBeat Checkmark Mass market consumer facing product around sport and eSport predictions and live trivia game shows.

QuizBeat Checkmark Play against other players and not the casino house or a bookmaker. Winners are welcomed!

QuizBeat Checkmark Outcompeting sportsbetting in regulated markets with the introduction of a jackpot up to 10,000 times the buy-in.

QuizBeat Checkmark Ability to build legal (similar to DFS) skill gaming brand in USA before upcoming state by state sportsbetting regulation.

QuizBeat Checkmark Be the YouTube for Live Trivia Game Shows as a tool for influencers, companies and existing communities to engage, retain and monetise their existing userbase and for us to acquire new players.

Token USPs

QuizBeat Checkmark Utility token demand scales with revenue growth via a reverse Binance token model in treasure chest VIP system. Majority of revenue generated by VIPs who require tokens for higher cashback rewards. System works across existing and future games.

QuizBeat Checkmark Our gaming-fee mining provides an opportunity for all players on the platform to be rewarded with cryptocurrency such as QUIZ tokens but also Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Our Games

Sport Quiz

Better than sportsbetting: more simple, peer to peer multiplayer, no bookmaker, jackpots, winners welcomed. Three players having to predict & answer several contextually relevant sport questions about future events happening within an upcoming sport match. Bigger reach than existing $18.5 billion sportsbetting market being a skillgame.

  • Choose upcoming sport or esport match to compete on
  • Select buy-in e.g. €5 and play against two other players
  • The jackpot prize pool for the game is up to 10,000 times your buy-in
  • Each player gets same set of quiz questions about upcoming match
  • The player with the best score answering the questions, wins the jackpot

Live Trivia Game Shows

Becoming the YouTube & Twitch for user generated game live video game shows. A new interactive genre mixing future of live TV with gaming. By using blockchain technology and Oracles we can ensure game integrity and fairness.

  • Enabling everybody to run their own live trivia game show
  • Creating shows for any topic, market and in any language
  • Both free and buy-in contests as well as jackpots

Sport Quiz with Friends

We take our three player sport prediction game and allow members to create (recurring) private groups with more than three players with their friends and colleagues.

  • Create custom game & choose if it´s for one sport match, full matchday or a full season
  • Define the buy-in everybody needs to pay to join
  • Set it as one-off event or recurring weekly game (every ManU match)
  • Invite all your friends or colleagues
  • Play for the pot and the jackpot
  • Recurring games have every week a new jackpot

Life changing jackpots

We are here to provide our players entertainment as well as life-changing moments. We also believe that both are connected to each other. Our players want to compete; our players want to win and, if they win, they want to win big. The jackpot element adds a significant entertainment upside on its own and especially in comparison to alternatives such as sportsbetting.

We want every player, independent of how much money he or she wants or is able to deposit, to have their chance to win a life-changing amount.

Buy-in Max. Win
$1 $10,000
$2 $20,000
$5 $50,000
$10 $100,000
$20 $200,000
$50 $500,000
$100 $1,000,000
Sport Quiz jackpots per buy-in level

QUIZ Token

The QUIZ token is designed with the goal to make it a highly visible and heavily used utility. We combine learning from various other industries into the QUIZ token.


Play with QUIZ tokens

Players are able to use the QUIZ token as a buy-in for non-fiat games. We will incentivise the usage of the QUIZ token with better rewards in comparison to fiat. Fiat currency as a start is important for TV advertising, conversion rates and ease of use of the platform as a starting point.

Extra Life

High visibility with Extra Life

Players can gain significant value in buying an Extra Life in our trivia game show to continue playing after a single wrong answer.


Twitch style donations with additional benefits

Participants can donate QUIZ tokens to live game show streamers like on Twitch. On top part of the donation is automatically being added to the price pool of the game show. Thus, both the host as well as all participants benefit from any QUIZ donation.


Free-to-play monetisation incorporated

Free to play games, especially on mobile are using virtual currency to monetise their products. They encourage players to buy virtual currency to save time or progress faster. We took this mechanic and incorporated it into unlocking treasure chests.


Increased rewards for VIPs

We know from the sportsbetting & especially poker industry, that the majority of revenues are generated by high volume players. These players are very price sensitive and seek for the best VIP rewards. Our treasure chest reward system provides more cashback when QUIZ tokens are used to boost it. This is similar to the successful Binance “save fees” BNB token approach.


Escrow to ensure game integrity

QUIZ tokens are necessary as an escrow to increase game integrity. Game shows price pools are guaranteed, game show hosts or Oracles might need to deposit tokens into escrow to prevent wrong-doing.

QuizBeat Token Generation Event


The team created the biggest poker community, the market leading mobile sportsbetting solution, architectured the best gambling backend system and managed the biggest poker software supplier. Generating hundreds of millions of revenue.

Damian Sokol

Damian Sokol – Founder

  • Former CEO of world´s biggest poker community (7m+ members).
  • $350m revenue last 10 years, $50m exit to Playtech Plc.
  • Expert in skill gaming: consulted poker industry on all aspects and rebuilt biggest B2B poker network & software supplier.
Christian Rajter

Christian Rajter – Co-founder

  • Mobenga Founder, market leading mobile sportbooks partner which became Playtech Sport.
  • Former CEO of Expekt sportsbook.
  • Chairman and board member in several companies from startups to listed companies.


Passionate advisors who support QuizBeat in the relevant areas to help make it a success.

Ryan Gittleson

Ryan Gittleson

Co-Founder Virtue Poker at ConsenSys
Bryan Pellegrino

Bryan Pellegrino

Co-Founder OpenToken
Kenny Shih

Kenny Shih

Executive Director Coinsuper Exchange
Johannes Schiefer

Johannes Schiefer

VP Social Media & Editorial at ESL
Knuth Rüffer

Knuth Rüffer