What are Airpots?

Our Airpots are essentially Airdrops where we give out free QUIZ tokens for everybody who qualifies for the Airdrop by earning points on QuizBeat. We are running four different airpots with different points criteria and prize pools to qualify for. The more points you earn, the better the Airpot you are eligible for with a higher prize pool.

Our unique twist is that we draw three lucky members out of all the participants who will receive a significantly higher amount. The winner will get 32.5% of the prize pool, second will get 11.25% and the third 6.25%. The remaining 50% will be shared amongst all the remaining participants!

How do I participate?

In order to participate, you need to earn enough points to qualify for the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond Airpot. You can earn points by referring friends to QuizBeat, tweeting about us, joining our Telegram channel and much more. The more points you earn, the higher the Jackpot Airpot prize pool you will participate in.

What can I win?

You can win free QUIZ tokens!

Each Airpot has the following payout structure:

  • 50% of the prize pool will be shared amongst all qualified participants.
  • 50% of the prize pool will be shared amongst three lucky winners of which one will get 32.5% of the prize pool, second will get 11.25% and the third 6.25%.
The following table illustrates the QUIZ token prize pool:


Bronze Airpot

150 points

token prize pool

1st: 227,500 token
2nd: 78,750 token
3rd: 43,750 token
Others share 350,000 token


Silver Airpot

500 points

token prize pool

1st: 487,500 token
2nd: 168,750 token
3rd: 93,750 token
Others share 750,000 token


Gold Airpot

2,000 points

token prize pool

1st: 650,000 token
2nd: 225,000 token
3rd: 125,000 token
Others share 1,000,000 token


Diamond Airpot

Top 50

token prize pool

1st: 1,137,500 token
2nd: 393,750 token
3rd: 218,750 token
Other 47 share 1,750,000 token

Example Gold Airpot

  • Points required to participate: 2,000.
  • Total prize pool: 2,000,000 QUIZ tokens.
  • Participants: 374
  • Winner receives: 2,000,000 tokens * 32.5% = 650,000 QUIZ tokens.
  • 2nd place receives: 2,000,000 tokens * 11.25% = 225,000 QUIZ tokens.
  • 3rd place receives: 2,000,000 tokens * 6.25% = 125,000 QUIZ tokens.
  • Everybody else receives: (2,000,000 tokens * 50%) / 374 particpants = 2673,79679144385 QUIZ tokens.

How long do I have to earn points?

We will announce the end of the qualification period to earn points at least one week in advance together with the Airpot prize draws. We didn´t set a date yet and there is still enough time to earn more points.

How will I receive QUIZ tokens which I won in an Airpot?

In order to receive QUIZ tokens from our Airpots, you need to:

  • Have entered the ETH address you want to receive your tokens BEFORE the Airpot takes place in your profile.
  • Be eligible according to our Airpot T&C.
  • Finish successfully our KYC when available.
  • Be not resident in any of our restricted countries according to our Token Sale Terms and Conditions

When will I receive my QUIZ tokens?

QUIZ tokens won in Airpots will be transferred AFTER we have released the Tokens from the Token Generation Event and after the platform went live. Winners should be able to use the QUIZ tokens to participate in QuizBeat games.

Can I participate in more than one Airpot?

You can only participate in the one Airpot which you qualified for with your points.

Can I enter with different accounts?

You can enter this promotion only with one user account on We reserve the right to remove users with duplicate accounts, bots or any other unfair advantage such as trying to cheat or avoid fulfilling tasks properly, using false KYC documents, etc. We will check all participants based on duplicate ip´s and other anti-fraud measures to ensure that only honest legitimate users participate in the Airpots.

Where can I find the Airpot Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions for this Airpot promotion are here.